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From the creator of and author of the best-selling wedding book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, comes a new kind of wedding planning experience. 

Our new community gives you access to personal wedding planning support, resources, and exclusive deals from our partners to help you plan your big day the savvy way!

Why should you join?

Why should you join the Savvy Weddings® Community?


Connect with like-minded brides who are going through a similar experience. Join local State Squads to connect and plan with brides in your area!


The only wedding planning support community dedicated to helping you plan your wedding on a budget that works for you! Share your hopes, dreams, wishes, and frustrations with women who understand what you're going through!


Get a step-by-step roadmap from a trusted source who knows how to plan weddings the savvy way! Plus, this platform is way more organized than a simple Facebook group, allowing you to connect with other brides and organize your plans like never before. 


This space is dedicated to wedding planning, away from the noise of typical social media platforms. Connect and browse discussion topics in a clean, organized way and join Squads that are relevant to you to dig deeper!


We'll help you save money with our deals + discounts! Shop our exclusive wedding deals to score discounts on all of your wedding needs! 


Get free downloadable worksheets to keep you on track and browse our customizable templates for wedding invitations, programs, and more!


Join us for our monthly community events to connect with other brides and learn from guest experts! Join us for discussions on our monthly themes, from self-care, personal development, fitness/nutrition, floral expertise, diy wedding design workshops, and more!


Joining our community for the low intro price means we can invest more time and resources into providing value to our community. We want to make this the best wedding planning community on the web!


Refer members to our community to earn FREE swag like pins, mugs, tote bags, books, and more!

What our savvy brides are saying:

The Savvy Weddings® Community has been an invaluable resource over this past year. When we're stressed about finding resources, designing place settings, knowing what the heck to do next, you get an email.. and its all there.

–Sharonne, October 2020 bride

I love how supportive the community is and uplifting other brides are to brides (like me) who are feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

–Rylan, October 2020 bride

The sweet brides always give me help and I get lots of information and ideas to contribute to my own wedding.

–Diamonielle, March 2021 bride

How uplifting and encouraging everyone is. Truly feel like I have sisters out there supporting me and willing to celebrate with me because we’re all going through this together. It’s been very helpful.

–Caitlin, April 2021 bride

It’s such a comfort to be able to talk with other brides in a similar situation, finding good ways to budget and plan.

–Meo, July 2021 bride

I feel connected to everyone and the community. I love the face book page too it has helped so much! And I love the do it yourself and save money aspect of it too. We are all in this together!

–Laurel, January 2021 bride

I enjoy the tone! I love planning things, our wedding included! However, it's not the only thing we have going on in our lives, I appreciate the honest, straight forward approach of the website.

–Amy, June 2021 bride

The community is incredible! So many brides helping others solve problems in an economical way.

–Kaitlyn, October 2020 bride 

I really appreciate all of the help, advice, tips, tricks, hacks, etc. from all of the other brides in the community! Everyone is just so nice so it makes it easy to put yourself out there and be a part of the community! It’s like a big-wedding planning family.

–Reagan, May 2021 bride

We're stronger together.

Planning a wedding takes a village. Join our savvy squad to get the support and resources you need to make your big day beautiful on a budget!